1. Don’t trust everything you read on the internet.That sounds pretty funny coming from me to you via the internet, doesn’t it? But I learned my lesson when I was led astray by a blogger about transfer visas in China. You’ll have to check my You Touched My Heart Stories regularly to learn more about my deportment adventure.
  2. Hide money and ID on your person. I must confess – I am more than a little paranoid when I travel. I have copies of my passport in a million places, and I have a flat fanny pack that I wear under my clothes for my money. I keep a little money in my pocket, and a little in my camera case – just in case I get pick pocketed or held up. That way the crooks won’t look for more.
  3. Let your credit company know where you’ll be. It can be pretty embarrassing on a business trip when your credit card is rejected. I know – my corporate credit card was rejected at the bullet train station in Japan. I didn’t understand why the agent was shouting loudly at me in Japanese, but I knew it wasn’t good. I was fortunate I had another credit card hidden in my fanny pack!.
  4. Connect to home with Skype. Skype is the cheapest, easiest way to talk with the family. If you have a webcam, you can even give your kids a virtual good night kiss!
  5. Learn the local customs. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know as I found out when giving a presentation in India. I kept repeating myself because the audience continuously shook their heads. That was an indication to me that they weren't understanding. During a break, one of my distributors explained that nods mean no and shakes mean yes. A quick internet search would have alerted me to this custom.