Hi, my name is Kathy Miscioscio, and I can’t believe I was a business traveler for almost 30 years. I can still remember my first trip to Chicago, then home to New York (via Pittsburgh, but that’s a story for another time!). I think back, not so fondly, of the 8 hour delays in LaGuardia Airport during the Regan air traffic controller’s strike. And I certainly have had my share of misplaced luggage. Although I’ve been to many interesting places, I’ve traveled to lots of boring places too. But no matter where I went, I definitely made the most of my time – whether it was a weekend in Paris or an afternoon in Taiwan. I’ve had so many adventures along the way. I’ve learned a lot about traveling, eating, and sightseeing, but mostly I’ve learned about people. Whenever I reminisce about my frequent flyer days, what stands out most are the people that I met along the way, especially those who were kind to me.  So I invite you to come on a journey with me as I share the good times and introduce you to the good, mostly nameless, people that have touched my heart. Business travelers, especially single businesswomen like me, have some unique travel challenges, so I’ll also share some of my tips with you. I’d like to hear your stories, too, so leave some feedback for the entire world to see. Come back often – you never know where we can go together!