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This weblog is a tribute to the people I have met during my 30 years of travel. Most are nameless, but all have touched my heart in a special way. Their actions may seem insignificant to you, but when I was lonely or lost or tired, these small acts meant everything to me. From time to time, I'll share stories of other people I've met who have also touched my heart. I hope you appreciate their stories as I share my adventures with you.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to the Community

As my mind is still under the sea, I thought I’d take you back to my first diving experience. Yes, I know it’s a departure from writing about the people who touched my heart during business travel, but this stranger touched my heart as well. He also opened my senses to a whole new world.


I was newly dive certified (not certifiable!), and took off to Antigua with my ”c-card” and regulator in hand. Since my open water dives in the Atlantic Ocean in November were, shall I say, less than enjoyable, I was a little fearful about open water diving. Couple that with an intense hatred of the sun and a propensity for sea-sickness, and one would wonder why I would even consider the sport of scuba diving. Explaining my situation to Charles, the dive master on staff, he said “No worries – you can dive with me.” Not only was he my dive buddy for my entire stay, but he also introduced me to night diving. Since Charles was a marine biologist, after every dive, he paged through my fish book with me to point out all the things we saw. I learned to appreciate the inhabitants of the sea during that first diving trip.


The diving community is a very close-knit and friendly one. Divers love to talk about the fish and critters they encounter. I am proud to have been introduced to that community so early in my diving experience. Twenty-five years and two hundred dives later, whenever I meet a new diver, I relate this story of my early diving days.


Bonus: Check out these videos of an eagle ray and a turtle that I encountered on my latest dive trip.

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